We're looking for a Penetration Tester / Security Researcher


We believe that communication is a fundamental human need and securing it allows us to communicate freely. And naturally, we do love a tough challenge.

We are a team of security researchers who strive to provide valuable results through quality work. Curiosity is close to our heart, constantly learning, researching and sharing knowledge with the rest of the security community. We value honesty and do not shy away from saying things as we see them, especially when it is about topics that are dear to us. And finally, we are approachable and essentially, a friendly bunch who appreciate working as a team with our colleagues, clients and within the wider community.

We are looking for a penetration tester and security researcher to join us as we expand. This role will allow you to grow and learn by doing, is extremely practical and technical in nature. We do not expect you to know everything that there is to know, but a willingness to learn is critical for the position.


The role will primarily involve the following:

  • penetration testing / security testing
  • report writing and documentation
  • proof of concept tool development
  • code and configuration review

We are open in terms of skill-set but expect the following as a bare minimum:

  • ability to write technical documentation in clear and plain English
  • knowledge of Linux and related technologies
  • (some) security testing background
  • ability to write basic code
  • the hacker mindset

Desirable skills or accomplishments include:

  • security tool development experience in Python and/or Go
  • published advisories, security research
  • knowledge of VoIP and/or WebRTC internals
  • bug bounty and/or CTF participation

This is a fully remote position. We are looking for someone full-time and the salary (gross) is around 42,000 EUR. Are you interested? Then please fill in the form below.

Are you only able to do part-time? If that is the case, you are most welcome to fill in the form too!

Please make sure to:

  • include a résumé or CV
  • link to any online publications showing examples of the output of your work (e.g. Github, H1)
  • upload any content that you can share that is not online
  • try to be as specific as much as you can and name applications or systems that you tested, methodologies that you worked with, actual results etc
  • tell us about your work and non-work related interests (including hobbies)
If you have questions, please do get in touch with me, Sandro Gauci.